June 7th 2017: 2nd Ariana Grande Concert NWO Terror Attack Phoenix Ritual In Paris? 44th City/Venue Of Dangerous Woman Tour!

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TAKE NOTE: The Thelemic/Satanic ritual of rebirth
can be found in LIBER 44, a sacramental ritual of
Aliester Crowley known as the *Mass of the Phoenix*.

(I have written extensively about this in previous posts, especially regarding the London 2012 Olympics rituals).

I’m at it again. Due to the rescheduling of the 44th city for Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman Tour from London to the Paris event (because of the Manchester terror attack), further facts have come to my attention, solidifying my suspicions that all of these events have been highly planned and calculated in advance as part of a super sophisticated Hegelian dialectical process (Planetary Social Engineering). This post is an attempt at communicating various esoteric discoveries I have made regarding the occult semiotic communication of New World Order human sacrifice ritual, including the associated manipulation agendas that are woven into them. The problem with attempting to communicate such deep esoteric concepts, ideas, and symbolisms, is that I will always be found lacking, in which case I apologize to my readers in advance. The below is the best I could weave upon my loom of frustration, in the time I have been apportioned between research, discovery, and everyday life.

I believe that there is going to be a major terror attack in Paris at the Ariana Grande concert on June 7th 2017, and that it has been aligned on a geodesic map with the Manchester event, to cross over the battlefield of the 1066 AD Battle of Hastings in southern England, and then directly over the transept of Westminster Abbey in London/Westminster. There is a good reason for this, because Queen Elizabeth II is the 44th Monarch to reign since St Edward the Confessor. This post will attempt to explain this, seemingly, at first, bizarre theory. Following this attack, perhaps on June 23rd 2017 (the 1776th day since the 2012 London Summer Olympics Phoenix Closing Ceremony), I believe the crowning attack on the Mecca Clock Tower will be performed – which I have been talking about and anticipating now for almost three years. Please be patient and humour the below information, which I present with the best of intentions, I promise.

TAKE NOTE: The first City of the Tour was Phoenix.
The 44th performance after Phoenix occurred in Manchester,
England, and was concluded by a human sacrifice bombing.

TAKE NOTE: The 44th City on the planned
Dangerous Woman Tour was to have been London,
but has been esoterically replaced by Paris.

The concert venue in London was to have been the O2 Arena, which lies *EXACTLY* on the Greenwich Meridian (Zero degrees longitude) – an important relic of the British Maritime Empire from which all clocks and geodesy is synchronized from. Through this Manchester sacrifice ritual, the City of London (and thus Westminster), has been esoterically replaced by the city of Paris, which will be the new 44th city on the tour, and through which the only real historical competitor for the Greenwich Meridian runs. This alternative was/is known as the Paris Meridian, and is referred to as the Rose Line, which has extreme occult significance, being notably popularized by the Da Vinci Code novel of Dan Brown. This Imperial competitor died once and for all at the Battle of Waterloo, after which the English speaking world took over world leadership up until the present day. Tied up in this Imperial rivalry, importantly, was interplay between the concepts of ISLES and the CONTINENT: Oceanic versus Continental land powers (read Orwell’s 1984, or, Halford John Mackinder’s theory known as ‘The Geographical Pivot of History’).

The British Isles is the mother from which the United States and English speaking Commonwealth was born, including from whence the mother of all Central Banks (the BoE, at the very centre of the City of London), spread its finance and trade tentacles from. The peculiar story of the entire race of English speaking peoples, is the story of a small 20 mile wide stretch of sea known as the English Channel. Without this little gap in the dry Earth, the English language would not exist, and I would be typing in the French language right now. This is why the events of 1066 and the Norman conquest of Anglo-Saxon England by William, the Duke of Normandy, is so important to this Phoenix ritual involving Manchester, London, Paris, and, specifically Westminster Abbey and the site of the Battle of Hastings. The Duke of Normandy was a feudal lord answerable to the King of France (his Overlord), making the landing on the beaches of Hastings an esoteric repeat of the landing of Julius Caesar from 55 BC to 54 BC. The continental powers in both events were attempting to destroy the insular nature of the ‘Isles of Wonder’ (the official name for the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Summer Olympics).

Julius Caesar was stabbed to death for his Imperial ambitions on the Ides of March 44 BC, an event which ironically fuelled the demise of the Republican faction in the Roman Senate. This event, in turn led to the strengthening of the Imperial ambitions of a new Triumvirate, finally leading to the success of Caesar’s adoptive son and heir, Octavian (Augustus), who became the first Emperor of the Biblically Beast-like Roman Empire (the 4th Beast of the Prophet Daniel). Caesar gave his life — like a Phoenix in 44 BC — so that Augustus could, in a more youthful manner, complete the conversion of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire. As a mark of respect for Caesars sacrifice, Octavian ensured that Caesar’s and Cleopatra’s only biological son Caesarion was murdered. Two Emperors would be one-too-many, and the esoteric death of Julius would not have been complete without the death of his male line, substituted by an adopted son of NEW blood. Augustus was the very person who ordered the 2 BC registration which brought Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem, to pledge allegiance to Rome, and to recognize Augustus as “Pater Patriae”: “Father of the Fatherland”; presaging the removal of Sovereignty from all Kingdoms within the reach of Rome, foreshadowing the fall of Herodian Judea, and the Diaspora of the Jewish people.

Hopefully, now that I have laid down some geopolitical and historical context, some logic can be applied to the following Google Earth maps of a cord-line (Great Circle, aka, “as the crow flies”) drawn between the exact location of the May 2017 Manchester Arena bombing, and the AccorHotels Arena
in Paris where the 44th city venue of the
Dangerous Woman Tour is located.

TAKE NOTE: The line passes directly through London, but also right past the location of the 1066 Battle of Hastings, including over the beaches just west of Hastings where the Duke of Normandy’s large fleet of troop carriers made landfall.

TAKE NOTE: The 1996 Provisional IRA bombing described further down, which was the largest detonation of a bomb in the UK since WWII, and which showered debris as far away as the location of the Arena, is indicated by a yellow marker above. If we start at the Manchester Arena, you will see that I have placed four lines down for reasons of descriptive accuracy, as follows:

RED LINE: Runs from the East of the Manchester Arena complex, to the East of the Paris AccorHotels Arena Complex.

BLUE LINE: Runs from the West of the Manchester Arena complex, to the West of the Paris AccorHotels Arena Complex.

YELLOW LINE: Runs from the exact area of the bombing in the Manchester Arena arcade area, to the Paris Metro Station just north-east of the AccorHotels Arena in Paris. The metro station is a prime target for a terror attack before or after the concert. This line has the added peculiarity of passing directly over the July Column at the centre of Place de la Bastile, commemorating the fall of the Bourbon monarch Charles X of France in the 1830 Revolution, and the commencement of his replacement by the Orléanist monarch Louis Philippe I. I have labelled this the Bastile Lucifer Column for a good reason, because the golden Génie de la Liberté statue crowning the column, is literally in homage to Promethius, who brought the ‘sacred fire’ of the gods down from heaven, breaking free of his chains and shackles, implying a Gnostic demiurgic character to have been oppressing him (ie, the equivalent of the serpent from the Garden of Eden accusing God of being an oppressor who needs to be defied by man, who should in turn deify himself above God in spite of his creator).

GREEN LINE: Runs from the exact area of the bombing in the Manchester Arena arcade area, to the north-west façade of the AccorHotels Arena in Paris. This line just happens to be, ominously, 666,666 yards in distance, according to Google Earth. SIX-SIXES is a very ominous numerical signature indeed, especially since the YARD was the standard unit of distance of the Anglo-Saxon world until superseded by the Metric Metre, which, funnily enough, was devised in Paris as a competitor for British Imperial Units.

GREEN LINE = 666,666 Yards.

YARD: “The name derives from the Old English gerd, gyrd, &c., which was used for branches, staves, and measuring rods. It is first attested in the late-7th century laws of Ine of Wessex, where the “yard of land” mentioned is the yardland, an old English unit of tax assessment equal to  1⁄4 hide. Around the same time, the Lindisfarne Gospel’s account of the messengers from John the Baptist in the Book of Matthew used it for a branch swayed by the wind. In addition to the yardland, Old and Middle English both used their forms of “yard” to denote the surveying lengths of 15 or 16 1⁄2 ft used in computing acres, a distance now usually known as the “rod”.”
– Wikipedia Article: ‘Yard’, [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yard]

TAKE NOTE: Below you can see how the four coloured lines pass over the coast of Hastings, and also slightly west of the 1066 Battle of Hastings site. Secondarily, but importantly, an additional red line running east-west has been placed on the below map. This indicates the death site of Aleister Crowley at Netherwood, Hastings, on December 1st 1947, including the site of his cremation on December 5th 1947, at Woodvale Crematorium, Brighton. A Black Mass was performed during Crowley’s cremation service, and his ashes were collected the same day and travelled back across the line to Netherwood. Cremation involves the immolation of a dead body, and, in Crowley’s case (from self confession), a rebirth into the infernal realm; thus, an ultimate Mass of the Phoenix performed by the disciples of the very author of LIBER 44. The reason Aleister Crowley is so important to the ritual we are observing, is because of his further connection with these lines in London (see further down), and the fact that he is the one who penned LIBER 44, which is the Mass of the Phoenix used by satanic practitioners of Thelema.

TAKE NOTE: Below you can see that the four lines pass directly over the top of Westminster Abbey, which is the official location of the British Throne known as the Chair/Throne of St Edward the Confessor. This specific Cathedral (Collegiate Church) was founded by St Edward as an official location for royal coronations and burials. Today, it hosts the tombs of the vast majority of the 44 monarchs who have reigned since St Edward (who died in 1066), but especially since it hosts the tomb of Queen Elizabeth I, which we will discuss in more detail further down. The founder of the significantly Welsh blooded Tudor dynasty, Henry VII, is buried here, together with his Tudor grandchildren QEI, Mary I, and Edward VI. Henry VIII is buried at Windsor Castle together with another large qty of royal tombs, but not succeeded in qty and age as Westminster Abbey, which houses the very first of the 44, St Edward himself. Lady Jane Grey, who was the other remaining member of the Tudor dynasty to have reigned, was buried at the Tower of London where together with her husband Lord Dudley, she was beheaded on the order of Mary I, for high-treason (and for being a far more attractive 🙂 Protestant red-head, I believe).

James I of England, founder of the significantly Scottish blooded Stuart dynasty, and namesake of the important Protestant Bible translation, is also entombed here. William the Conqueror, however, is buried in Caen, Normandy, in France, which is ironic for the man most notable in history as the conqueror of England — he couldn’t occupy the land in death! A vast quantity of famous poets and public figures of British history are also buried here at this Royal Peculiar, which is officially under the direct control of the Monarch of England rather than a Church of England Bishop. As such it is administered by a Dean appointed directly by the Monarch, not by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Westminster Abbey is the most famous Royal Necropolis on Earth outside of the Egyptian Pyramid fields, or perhaps the Basilica of St Denis, in Paris, where some Merovingian’s and most Carolingian (etc…) Monarchs of France are entombed (all but three of the French monarchs from the 10th Century until 1789 are buried in the Basilica of St. Denis! Quite a dedicated tradition). Personally, I much prefer the architecture of Westminster Abbey, but alas, I am no Frenchman.

TAKE NOTE: Below you can see an additional map of the lines passing over Westminster Abbey, then directly over the thoroughfare which passes through St James’s Park next to the lake, which leads right up to the front entrance of Buckingham Palace, which is the official residence of the British Monarch. These lines then continue up over the prestigious area of Mayfair, but importantly they pass over 93 Jermyn Street, which is known to Thelemites (Crowleyan Satanists) as the WWII home of Aleister Crowley, where he worked on his world renowned Book of Thoth; which is an original set of artworks designed with Lady Frieda Harris as a Tarot card deck, but also a book of Magickal [sic] commentary, to explain the esoteric nature and power of each card of the 22 Major Arcana. The number 93 is extremely important in Thelema, which is why Crowley chose this particular house number as his London HQ. It is no coincidence that the third location involved in the 2001 World Trade Center false-flag terror attack, has now been memorialized with a massive monumental memorial grove known as the Flight 93 National Memorial, shaped in a .666 mile circumference crescent of deciduous trees that turn red in the autumn. This grove also just happens to be *exactly* 6,666 miles from Mt. Arafat, the holy mountain of Islam.

All three locations of the 2001 attacks incorporated Thelemic numerology, such as the two 111 storey (at the rooftop level) Twin Towers, hit by two planes with flight numbers 11 and 175 (11+175 = 186, which is an average of 93 for each of these two planes), Flight 93 which I have just mentioned, and Flight 77 which hit the Pentagon (apparently, or, whatever else hit the Pentagon though I am no expert … let’s just go with the official numerology in the narrative though). Whereas 44 is the number of the Horus Child and the Rite of the Phoenix in Thelema, 77 is the special number of the ‘sacred’ whore BABALON. The recently held *ONE LOVE MANCHESTER* benefit concert held on June 4th 2017 by Ariana Grande and Kabbalistic Crew for the victims of the original Terror Attack, was held on the 77th day of the Thelemic calendar, which begins at the average date of the Vernal Equinox each year (March 20th). The first attack in Manchester occurred 3 days before the London concert was to have taken place, and the benefit concert was held three days before the replacement (44th city) Paris concert is scheduled to occur, almost as if the schedules are supposed to be a parallel/mirror.

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Babylon The Great: 1666 London Burning; Burning Man; Mecca Clock Tower Burning; September 11th; 2001-2016; Ritual Altars!

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“I saw another angel come down from heaven … and he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit …For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies. And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven … torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart,

I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.

Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her. And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning, Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying,

Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city!

for in ONE HOUR is thy judgment come.”

– Book of Revelation 18:1-10. Holy Bible, 1st Century AD [EMPHASIS ADDED]


On Saturday night, September 3rd 2016 (the Jewish Elul 1; Jesus Christ’s true birthday), over the space of ONE HOUR, a symbolic 1666 effigy of the City of London was burnt publicly on a barge whilst it floated on the Thames. Over 350 years earlier, in 1660, at the restoration of the Monarchy after the English Civil War and Cromwell’s short Commonwealth, the Anglican Church began to afflict non-conformist Puritans, passing legislation which basically outlawed unauthorized religious gatherings. This persecution just increased the continued flow of Independents and Puritans towards the New World; a Wilderness of Promise! Prior to the Great Fire, in 1665 the Great Plague of London had spread viciously through the City. Britain was then ruled by Charles II, a Catholic sovereign pretending to be an Anglican, but this distinction doesn’t really matter too much, because Catholics & Anglicans are/were just Coke and Pepsi (totalitarian spiritual poison). In 1666, the City of London burned to the ground over three days between September 2nd and 4th. Many Puritans interpreted this plague, followed by the fire, as divine retribution sent to punish the King, the Priests, and the London money changers; the Puritans had a good point! These Puritans, like Moses, had a sea to cross before they would find respite in the wilderness, but London was a rising naval & trading power which required colonies, so this uneasy arrangement would stand for another 110 years, until 1776 – but independence is a double-edged sword:

“For we must consider that we shall be as a city upon a hill. The eyes of all
people are upon us. So that if we shall deal falsely with our God in this
work we have undertaken, and so cause Him to withdraw His present
help from us, we shall be made a story and a by-word through the world.”

– Winthrop, John. “A Model Of Christian Charity”, (Famous sermon: 1630)

In 1776 the Eagle’s wings were plucked from the Lion, and the King’s of England would slowly lose more and more power to Parliament. Then they would lose more and more power to the money changers in the City of London, and then, finally, the Parliament would succumb fully to the City. Eventually, the United States also succumbed to the British Offshore Empire, but most Americans don’t realize this, because, as they say: “Pride comes before the Fall”. London is now, once again, the Financial Capital of the entire world. The City (and its Crown offshore complex) controls the lion’s share of the trade in offshore finance, dark pool finance, foreign U.S. Dollar denominated paper transactions, gold and silver trading, insurance, re-insurance, most world derivatives trading, and soon they will have a new carbon trading and derivatives market to wrap the world in ‘green’ tape. However, they have run into heavy political competition, and as they say in TBTFville: “Competition is a sin”. Dragons are good at hoarding gold, but every now and then they run into a man, or men, whose swords are not so easily sheathed. If only one could rule the world on paper alone, the smoky rooms in the City of London would already have declared Monopoly board victory, but they can’t seem to take down those pesky Ruskies. The ‘Kings of the East’ are bearing down on a new Babylon: The Anglo-American Petro-Dollar System literally harks back to Ancient Babylon, because it requires geopolitical hydrocarbon control of the Middle-East; specifically Iraq & Syria, the epicentre of the 4 Angels bound in the Euphrates.

Returning to the effigy of the City of London which was burnt last Saturday night (September 3rd 2016), on the Thames beginning at 8PM, it should be noted that this model was overseen by David Best, the man who built – then burnt – the first ritual Temple effigy at the year 2000 Burning Man festival, in the Nevada desert, United States. It just so happens that in 2016 the Nevada Burning Man effigy was burnt on the same night of September 3rd (Burning Man effigy: VIDEO LINK), and the ritual Temple in Nevada was burnt the following night on September 4th (Temple effigy burning: VIDEO LINK). These two neo-pagan events in the U.K., and U.S., were nicely synchronized, both of them hiding under the veneer of ‘art’, and the London version cloaked also in the pretence of ‘history’. David Best’s Temple’s have in the past all been hybrid styles of an original design, but the City of London model which was burnt, contained a stylized replica of Old St Paul’s Cathedral. This means that the crowd was cheering and clapping for a burning Christian Church! Entertainment! In addition to the model of the City, a light-show of flames was simultaneously being projected onto the dome of the current St Pauls Cathedral whilst the City burnt below, specifically highlighting the burning of this historically important anchor for Anglo-American Protestant Christianity; symbolizing Britain’s 16th century split from the Roman Pontifex Maximus (see the video above from 11:35 to 12:03 – or download the 4pg EVENT PROGRAMME HERE; see pg 3).

It should also be noted, that the Twin Towers which burnt and collapsed on September 11th 2001, were analogues for the Temple Pillars of Solomon’s TEMPLE – Jachin and Boaz – from ancient Jerusalem, which were first destroyed in 587BC under orders of King of Babylon Nebuchadnezzar II, and then again in 70AD under orders of the Roman Emperor Vespasian.

An example of one of the ‘art’ pieces at Burning Man 2001:
NAME OF ‘ARTWORK’: “Toss the Cross” ‘ARTIST’: Tobias Ricci (2001)

DESCRIPTION: “In front of a backboard will be a large metal garbage can and ten feet in front of this will be a pile of wooden crosses. The object of the game is to toss a cross into the garbage can, where they will be burnt on the night of the burn. The inspiration for this was a conversation I had with a good friend, when after telling him about my ten years as a born-again and how the programming from that time still haunts me. He simply said, “Toss the cross”. This installation is to be a catharsis for exorcism of the negative guilt based conditioning of the Judeo-Christian mind set.”

Taken directly from the official burningman.org website event archive [LINK][ARCHIVE]

If he were alive today, what would John Winthrop have to say about the progress of that ‘City upon a Hill’? Perhaps he would be consoled by the fact that this city is, ironically – in tune with the temporary nature of God’s grace expressed in Winthrop’s famous sermon – built temporarily on a desert plain. However, the Pilgrim fathers would be none too pleased at the ‘progress’ of American ‘liberty’, which had started with such a strong commitment to endure many severe sacrifices and hardships, built on the conviction of Christian Faith. There are many people who attend Burning Man each year, who would love to burn down every last trace of the Christian Civilization built up by imperfect but visionary men like John Winthrop; men who increased this civil stock to protect future generations (like Tobias Ricci) from the overbearing Kings and Priests of Europe. Though Winthrop is considered anti-democratic by most historians, his life exemplifies the continuing struggle with the double-edged sword of ‘liberty’: Where does ‘liberty’ and ‘civility’ collide? One mans liberty can be another mans tyranny. Time is now short for the potential prodigal children of the desert plains, to wake up. Anyone who has been to Burning Man, which is a mixture of Mad Max meets Molech worship, will realize that amongst the throng of waifs and lost souls, a highly anti-Christian – in fact anti-Abrahamic – subset of people are attracted to these annual rituals; including occult and ‘spiritual’ types such as Thelemites, Satanists, and Wiccans.

…the Black Rock City Clock … keeps on turning…
(City layout plan shown behind this text, or click HERE or ARCHIVE OF YEARLY MAPS)

This annual Man & Temple burning ritual/festival takes place in a temporary and seasonal Labor Day city built on a Navada desert playa – officially called Black Rock City – which is constructed yearly in a radial road format centring on a huge Burning Man (a ‘wicker man’ made of wood), with the radial roads being officially labelled like the hours of a Clock Face (a 12hr clock face; ie, the Temple is always placed north-east from the Burning Man at 12:00 ‘noon’). Please pause and think about the significance of a radial city called BLACK ROCK CITY, which is modelled like a CLOCK! Mecca in Saudi Arabia is a city built around a ritual BLACK ROCK (a series of ‘meteorite’ fragments on the façade of a Black Cube called the Kaaba), but towering over the Mosque, where pilgrims circle the Kaaba ritually during Hajj season once every 12 month Lunar year, is the worlds largest CLOCK TOWER complex, built by the Saudi Binladen Group (founded by Mohammad, the father of Osama Binladen). The Black Rock City Burning Man festival occurs once each Solar year, but it is a festival for libertine debauchery, much like a Dionysian dithyramb and orgy. Burning Man is a festival of sexual license, alcohol, and drug consumption, whereas Hajj is a festival of extreme chastity, and abstinence from alcohol and drugs (a basic law in Islam); it would be hard to find two communities or rituals that are such polar opposites.

The end-of-the-age described in the Book of Revelation, is upon us. We are about to witness the Clash of Civilizations between the ‘Kings of the East’, and a leader of NATO from the west who is given the epithetical name ‘Apollyon’ (‘the destroyer’, personified). The leaders of the ‘free world’ are actually the leaders of a new technocratic world dictatorship, which represents pure slavery, and who are instituting new religious rites in plain sight which revolve around fire worship (ie, Olympic Games & Burning Man, etc.), and ironically, Carbon Indulgences (CARBON: 6-Protons; 6-Neutrons; 6-Electrons … thus, the 666 element of ALL carnal and organic life). This post will document certain ritual aspects of the London’s Burning and Burning Man/Temple rituals, including the esoteric aspects of Black Rock City, the two ritual naval ships placed on the Thames called HQS Wellington and HMS President, and a possible human sacrifice (burnt offering) which took place at the 2001 Burning Man rituals directly before the September 11th 2001 Twin Temple Pillars were burnt down, immolating 1000’s of human victims.

“…the merchants of the earth shall
weep and mourn over her; for no man
buyeth their merchandise any more…”
― Revelation 18:11. A future city of trade, destroyed.

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