22 Nov 2014: Mecca and the Sirius Pyramid Double Transit

Twin Towers Sphere New York Kaaba Mecca Clock Tower Sirius

22-11-2014 Double Sirius Meridian Transits at Mecca and 14-11-PPP-Pyramid Angle--Clock Tower Terror Attack 22-11-2014ABOVE: A virtual sky view of the double transit of Sirius from the Kaaba, Mecca, on 22nd November 2014, both occurring in the same UTC Date of 22nd Nov. Also a brief explanation of how this date was singled out as being significant to this location using a special PPP-Pyramid Angle known as the 14/11 or Perfect Pyramid.

22/11/2014 is the primary date encoded in the Georgia Guidestones 666-Cube, that was ritually smashed on 25th September 2014 (The Jewish New Year). The connection between Sirius, 22/11, and the coming Mecca Clock Tower ritual sacrifice which is most probably planned for 11th January 2015, is key to understanding how the secret occult controllers of the western world, are planning to transform the world into a new Empire under their control.

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Mecca Clock Tower Attack a COMBINED DISASTER with 11th Sept 2001 World Trade Centre Attack!!!

77--Illuminati Card Game--Combined Disasters--Clock TowerThanks to a heads up from a friend called Chris, it has come to the author’s attention that the Illuminati card game marketed since 1982, which is widely known for it’s predictive programming the WTC attack, also contains a COMBINED DISASTERS card, which features a Clock Tower smashing into a crowd of people.


You may combine two Disasters on the same Place, as long as both are eligible to be used on it. Play both of the Disaster cards, as well. Pick one Disaster to be the “main” one, and follow all the instructions on the card. Add the Power (but none of the other effects) of the other Disaster.

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