77:Inverse Pentagram, Thelemic Calendar, Gematria, Guidestones, AA-77

Washington DC Inverse Pentagram Drudenfuss With 77 Point And Australian EmbassyABOVE: Important occult aspects of the Washington D.C inverse pentagram, lying on the 77th degree of longitude (77.04 W). The all important ’77 Point’ is indicated, and is the key to understanding the true meaning of this device.

In the late 1700’s during the explosion of Masonic, occult, and subversive esoteric movements such as the Bavarian Illuminati, one of the most important expressions of occult ideology surfaced in the very center of what would become the worlds next Imperial pivot; Washington DC. First appearing in the commissioned city plan of Pierre Charles L’Enfant, it became a central feature of the executed plan, even though L’Enfant was excused from his role due to conflicts with other parties. The inclusion of this geometric device into the street plan was not for purely aesthetic purposes – in fact it is quite impractical for a road system nested in rectangular city blocks – and although L’Enfant was publicly only a first degree Freemason – having been initiated in New York City – the influence of other unnamed Masons and occultists was definitely behind its inclusion. The reason for its importance, is that it sits at the center of a Gnostic ideology which to this very day holds great influence over the Anglo-American Imperial Elite; a fingerprint that can be seen in further ritual uses of the number 77 such as;

1) Flight AA-77 on 11th September 2001, which impacted the Pentagon.

2) Flight Venus-77, one of four Boeing 747-E4B Flying Command Centers, which took to the air over central Wash D.C just after AA-77 had smashed into the Pentagon on 11th September 2001.

3) 77 has numerological significance central to A∴A∴ aka Thelema, Aleister Crowley’s Satanic cult system, where it represents a core ideology revolving around ‘Sex Magick’ [sic], which was the system used in the 11th September 2001 mega ritual (as will be exposed on this blog).

4) The Georgia Guidestones, New World Order 10 Commandments for the New Age, was unveiled on 22nd March 1980 (322 numerically) just two days after the Vernal Equinox 1980, which was the beginning of the 77th Thelemic Year since Aleister Crowley declared the beginning of the Aeon of Horus in 1904.

5) CVN-77, the last commissioned Nimitz-class Supercarrier of the United States Navy, christened the USS George H. W. Bush, after the patriarch of the most subversive and un-American political dynasty in the history of the United States. George H. W. Bush, as well as George W. Bush (Jr), are also patrons of American Legion Post 77 in Houston Texas, just to add synchronicity. As will be explained, this has a specific occult significance, and relates directly to Aleister Crowley’s system of Thelema.

6) 7/7 London Bombings (2005), a false-flag terror attack perpetrated by British Intelligence on a very important date, in a very specific year (this is important!), which we will explore using the Pentagram Tarot Trump Calendar hinted at by Aleister Crowley, and used in Thelema for dating purposes.

7) The coming attack on the 7-Towers of the Mecca Clock Tower Complex (Abraj Al-Bait), which will be the sister event to the 11th Sept 2001 destruction of the 7 numbered World Trade Centers in NYC. These two monumental events will seal an esoteric 77 (7-Towers + 7-Towers), marking the completion of the first ‘full pentagram’ (111 years) of Crowley’s Aeon of Horus, declared in 1904.

These seven main topics and more will be thoroughly explored in this post.

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11th Jan 2015? Mecca Clock Tower Attack & New World DisOrder Timeline

Mecca Clock Tower Terror Attack NWO Illuminati Card Game aamichael666 11 September 2001 sister eventABOVE: Mecca Clock Tower & Kaaba Terror Attack planned for 11th January 2015? This brief infographic is a segment of a much larger New World DisOrder Timeline infographic shown below.

Timeline of a NWO--Thumbnail Animation--Mecca Clock Tower Terror Attack and 11 Sept 2001 twin towersCLICK ABOVE OR HERE TO DOWNLOAD A 12077×1025 pixel .png file (21MB) detailing aspects of the Thelemic New World DisOrder plan concerning the 11th Sept 2001 7-Towers and 11th Jan 2015 7-Towers (?) 13 year ’77’ occult ritual, designed to bring about a World Government under a new Emperor called the Child of Horus (Will/Thelema).

Since 11th September 2001, the people’s of Earth have been thrust into a liminal zone, a transitional period where the Old World is purposely consumed in Chaos, so that a New World can be birthed from its ashes. The resulting ‘Order’, will then be an occult technocracy controlled by a select few who view themselves as a break-away race, an Ubermensch, whilst 99.9% of the population are considered Untermensch; no better than animals, who need to be culled and managed to ‘save planet Earth’. Ironically, these same Ubermensch are the financial dynasties and hidden players behind world events, who are far more responsible for the rape of planet Earth than those they look down upon. Carbon Trading Eugenics and mass Stockholm Syndrome are at the core of this new religion posing as secularism. Oh yes, it is religious, and as the above timeline with select information will show, it is heavily linked to the system externalized by Aleister Crowley, a self proclaimed master of ‘magick’, who most people don’t even know about, or reject as unimportant. Aleister Crowley is referred to as the ‘father of the 20th century’, and there is much truth in this statement as will be seen. In fact it may be the case that he will be the father of the Abortion of the New Millennium, when the current world order crashes to the ground.

11th January 2015 – or 3rd March 2015 – as will be seen, will be the time slot for the end event of the first ritual, and the start of the ‘bath of blood’. This second major event involving 7-Towers, just as 11th Sept 2001 was the destruction of seven numbered world trade centers, will involve the Mecca Clock Tower, known as the Abraj-al-Bait. This attack was rashly predicted by this author to be an event in October last year, but further analysis of the occult aspects of previous rituals highlights the probability that 11th January 2015 – or 3rd March 2015 – will be the date for this major event. The key to all of the 21st Century NWO rituals – and many before – is actually the Venus Transit Pentagram of 2004-2012, which centered on 6/6/2008. This is briefly explained in the timeline above, but will need to be extrapolated in greater detail in an upcoming post (God willing). Much information regarding this event can be explored in further detail in this author’s previous 77-page .pdf booklet ‘Breaking The Jubilee 77, 2014′ available for free download HERE. Everything in this booklet is important to this event, but remember to ignore the predicted date 8th Oct 2014 (which was wrong), although the Lunar Eclipse on that day was most definitely significant to Mecca as discussed. If you are interested in knowing why these events are happening, then you need to read this booklet.