June 15th 2017: Vestalia PHOENIX-44 Ritual Double Sacrifice For Ariana Grande Concert Dangerous Woman Tour In Rome, Italy?

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TAKE NOTE: The Thelemic/Satanic ritual of rebirth
can be found in LIBER 44, a sacramental ritual of
Aliester Crowley known as the *Mass of the Phoenix*.

(I have written extensively about this in previous posts, especially regarding the London 2012 Olympics rituals).

I’m going to have one last stab at interpreting the very strange geodesic and esoteric alignments that seem to have been engineered into Ariana Grange’s Dangerous Woman Tour concert sequence. In the past three posts I have attempted to add some context to, and to cover esoteric ground on, the seeming congruence between the Dangerous Woman Tour Manchester bombing at Grande’s 44th concert since the premiere Phoenix, Arizona, concert, and the Mass of The Phoenix (LIBER 44) from Aleister Crowley’s Thelemic/Satanic cult known as A∴A∴. It would seem that a Thelemic BABALON and the BEAST ritual is being invoked, related to the BREXIT divorce issued in 2016 during the 44th year of Great Britain’s membership in the European Union; which commenced January 1st 1973 when Great Britain officially entered the European Communities (aka, the ‘Common Market’).

The 44th city of the Tour should have been London, but was replaced by Paris due to the bombing, and, as discussed, the Manchester-London-Paris-Lyon concert locations, all lie on a geodesic Great Circle line that connected Westminster Abbey with the 1066 Battle of Hastings location. I won’t cover all of this ground again in this post. It has been covered thoroughly in the last three posts. The reason the coming Rome concert on June 15th 2017 seems to be connected to the Manchester bombing, is because of another uncanny geodesic alignment between the Manchester and Rome concert venues, and the landing spot in Deal, Kent, of the first Roman invasion of Britain in 55 BC, led by Julius Caesar himself, who was stabbed to death in the Roman Senate in 44BC.

This famous 55BC landing of Julius Caesar was the first epic invasion of Britain by a foreign force bringing the main continental power to blows with native Britons, whereas the next was not until 1066 AD with the invasion of the Duke of Normandy, who was a tributary lord to the King of France under the continental feudal system. Thus, the locations of Hastings, and Deal, both in Kent, have especial significance to the relationship between Britain and the City of Rome, from whence the Biblical Beast (Roman Empire followed by the Holy Roman Empire founded by Charlemagne) was enthroned as per the Book of Revelation in the Christian Holy Bible. London is the new financial centre of the world, and the European Union is a re-healed Beast of Rome. This interplay provides a solid ritual context for the second sacrifice ritual of the Dangerous Woman (Phoenix) Tour occurring in Rome; if, of course, such a Rome terror attack occurs to complement the Manchester bombing of May 22nd 2017, twenty-four days earlier.

BELOW: An aerial photograph of the Pala Lottomatica, and
the EUR Quarter of the city of Rome, Italy, where Ariana
Grande will perform the 49th concert since Phoenix, AZ.

This area of Rome was a planned section of Rome developed by Benito Mussolini’s Fascist regime, for the 1942 World’s Fair which was cancelled due to WWII. Many references to ancient and imperial Rome were planned, such as the building of the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana as a cubic Colosseum, an obelisk to Guglielmo Marconi, and a projected but not built great arch, featured in the Fair posters.

BELOW: As I have covered in many previous posts, the London 2012 opening and closing ceremonies, were key Thelemic rituals outlining a coming series of planetary wide Hegelian terrorist events, all planned around occult doctrine. QEII, the 44th Monarch to ‘sit on St. Edward’s Chair’, and Darcey Bussell, the Phoenix dancer who was in her 44th year of life at the time of her performance, were both dropped from the heavens like birds into the arena at the opening and closing ceremonies respectively; this juxtaposition was quite deliberate (read my previous posts). Also, both were identified symbolically with the 8-Pointed Star of the Babylonian goddess of ‘sacred’ prostitution, Ishtar, hiding in the Union Jack parachute, and in the stage-set of the closing ceremony within which Darcey danced with her four ‘lovers’ of flame.

BELOW VIDEO: ‘Spirit of the Flame’ Mass of the Phoenix
ritual performed at the Closing Ceremony of the
2012 London Summer Olympics.

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