On Notice: Qatar Given 10 Days To Comply With Newly Re-Arranged NATO-GCC-Egypt Sunni Axis To Hold Back ‘Kings Of The East’

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ABOVE: December 2015 announcement of Saudi led coalition, which initially included Qatar and Turkey, before NATO attempted a failed Erdogan coup in Turkey, and before Russia and Syria had soundly defeated the final substantial insurgency of NATO sponsored ISIS and al-Qaeda (‘rebels’) in Syria. Initial December 2015 member list below:

… the foxes to rule the hen house …

Can you say “NATO sponsored Caliphate”?

Qatar, kicked out of the club. Turkey next?

Even Pakistan has come out in support of Qatar!

In December 2015, a 34 country strong ‘Coalition Against Extremism’ was formed by the majority of Islamic countries, representing 800 million Muslims (50% of the world Muslim population of 1.6 billion). Excluded were the Shia led countries of Iran, Iraq, and Syria. This coalition is simply a sectarian proto-Caliphate, not a movement for peace. It is about as unstable as water, being more of a wish list of nations which NATO would like to see aligned with the Brussels and Washington Consensus. The word *Islamic* has, as usual, been omitted from the organizational name, because this post-9/11 movement fuelled mostly by engineered false-flag Islamic terror events, is designed to usher in a neo-feudal worldwide police-state using martial law — been to Paris lately? In the ‘City of Love’, the permanent military on the streets are there for your ‘protection’, not to solidify the rule of an oligarchy which is about to plunge the world into one big technocratic concentration camp after the next engineered political and financial crisis. We’re just awaiting the next 9/11 catalyst event, which I believe will be the destruction of the Kaaba, Grand Mosque, and Royal Clock Tower Hotel complex in Mecca.

This event might be blamed on ISIS as a pretext to annex Qatar, or could even be blamed directly on Iran, perhaps using a fake Shia Houthi rebel cut-out group. I don’t believe that blaming it on Hezbollah would wash somehow, though the reason for such an event would be to catalyze the creation of a militarily empowered NATO+MENA (GCC+North Africa) geo-political entity. With the creation of this entity will come the implementation of national police-states and widespread information censorship; specifically on the internet. These police-states will be primarily vectored towards anti-government ‘extremists’ (dissidents), who attempt to fight back against the financial and political powers-that-be. Whether resistance manifests as peaceful protest, or violence, dissidents will be suppressed with force. No suicide vest required, just the wrong political opinion. The freedom to dissent politically — built on the foundation stone of free speech — is paramount to fighting the totalitarian trilogy of Technocracy, Communism, and Fascism. These historical freedoms we have enjoyed for only a short period in the western world are the real target for scheming oligarchs; the kind of people who made a killing during the recent — and future — banker and corporate bailouts during the Global Financial Crises.

These same oligarchs created the push for world government enforced Carbon Credits and Carbon Derivatives markets, to trap the third world in pre-industrial squalor, and to simultaneously take down the middle-class competition of these oligarchs in the west. Competition is a sin! Mandated carbon market technocracy will be the core control grid, because it will place all fossil fuel exploitation into the hands of a singular technocratic entity which will then top-down manage the globe, paradoxically fed by bottom-up anti-Christian left-wing choristers who eat up propaganda for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This scheme has fooled hoards of low-IQ gullible leftists, simply by posing as a social justice cause — a magnificent coup for crony monopoly capitalists who themselves have received 95%+ of government socialism (poor relief for the super wealthy). Both Stalin and Hitler would be highly impressed. Trump and his Goldman Sachs driven Cabinet is not to be trusted in this respect: Did I hear Trump say he wished to *renegotiate* the Paris Agreement, to club China? Is he saying that a huge scientific fraud is fine as long as China is part of the concentration camp? Trump has severely betrayed his election rhetoric, in which he called out the scientific fraud repeatedly.

World Government requires Technocracy, in which representative government will become an endless side-show of political theatre. The tsunami of political and public-space actors endlessly tilting at windmills such as the carbon-dioxide Armageddon, will continue to increase.

Key to the success of this never ending theatre of parrots and shills will be the emerging and engineered trend of left-wing bottom-up agitprop campaigning, such as ‘gender identity’ and ‘hate speech’ crusades led by SJW captains utilizing their fame and social media penetration ability to feed their hoards of brainwashed cult followers (case in point, J. K. Rowling). George Soros and friends have a bottomless pit of ill-gotten gains to pour into these left-wing brown-shirt groups, and the beauty about funding these groups, is that you don’t even have to fund their matched right-wing reactionary groups, due to the fact that they organically pop up in reaction to the rise of SJW armies. However, don’t believe that Soros and friends aren’t also investing in certain reactionary right-wing groups, because the aim is to create unrest on the streets — Period! — whilst Soros and friends complete their financial coup over what remains of middle-class wealth and the free-market. Social media oligopolies will continue to censor ‘the right’, whilst promoting ‘the left’, to purposely divide these groups until violence breaks out on the streets. With such political theatre chewing up all of your mental energy, said puppet politicians can keep macro-economic and geo-political policy — which is actually important — behind closed doors in the proverbial smoky room, away from public scrutiny.

Ask a former citizen of the Soviet Union: To form a larger multi-cultural political entity, run by technocrats, pre-existing group identities need to be destroyed, whilst the initial friction between the different cultures is useful to excuse the formation of a police-state. The European Union is the prime example of this same globalist mentality, which the Anglo-sphere countries are being pulled into whilst their industry is targeted for destruction, purposefully. Meanwhile, Kings of the East are grinning from ear-to-ear at their good fortune.

The recent Muslim migrant crisis and Islamic terror attack onslaught is just the catalyst — an Orwellian Casus belli — required for governments everywhere, but mostly NATO aligned countries at the moment, to wage asymmetric warfare against their own citizens. All of the pro-migrant virtue-signalling warm-and-fuzzy multi-millionaire celebrities and politicians reside in gated communities, with security details, separation walls, and fraternal connections to separate them from the average person now finding themselves on the frontline of a domestic crisis posing as a multi-cultural experiment. Fittingly, in true Orwellian fashion, this new ‘coalition against extremism’ inaugurated with Trump’s support, is headquartered in Wahhabi dominated Riyadh. It was built with a ‘Situation Room’, which should in reality have been called the ‘Engineered Situation Room’. You might have seen this room in the mainstream mockingbird media, which looks more like a world government convention centre. It even has its own spooky illuminated globe of the world for dictators and puppet leaders to place their hands onto. It looks like something out of a super-villain’s headquarters from a James Bond movie. See below during the May 21st 2017 Inauguration Event; opened by placing hands on a globe of the world, symbolic of World Domination!

The day after this symbolic inauguration, a false-flag ritual sacrifice was performed at an Ariana Grande concert, in Manchester, quickly blamed on duped low-IQ cult patsies known and monitored for ages by British Intelligence, with heavily engineered ties to Libyan rebels . The Libyan civil war is a chaotic situation designed by NATO to play out exactly as it has, with three groups fighting each other to destroy the solid national identity that Gaddafi had constructed. The North African refugee crisis was also a desired outcome, to justify NATO occupation of Libya. Now that the Iraq/Syria-Turkey pipeline route has been blocked by Russia, Iran, and China, the country that will soon be reorganized politically into a NATO protectorate after its softening up and destruction, will be Libya. Thus, the *PLAN-B Southern Pipeline Route* through Arabia and Egypt discussed below — to be piped under the more shallow sea between Sicily and Libya into the EU — comes into play. Just as the *PLAN-A Syria/Iraq-Turkey* natural gas pipeline project would have achieved, NATO can kill European dependence on Gazprom, subsequently crippling the medium-term rebirth of the Russian economy.

The missing link in NATO Plan-B, was Egypt, which has now fallen quickly into line now that Turkey has clearly flipped sides. This is why the President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, was one of three ‘kings’ with his hands on the illuminated globe. However, Qatar has now also flipped, which will require Saudi annexation of Qatar and its super-massive North Dome offshore natural gas field — which has enough gas to supply the EU for over 150 years. Qatar was issued with a 10 day ultimatum by other members of the GCC, which time is up on 3rd or 4th of July. What will happen? Will Turkey, Iran, and/or Russia and China openly defend Qatar’s sovereignty, or will Saudi Arabia and perhaps the UAE move to annex this key player?

My, my, how alliances change quickly in the middle-east!

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34 Sunni Led Islamic Countries Create ‘Coalition Against Extremism’ with Saudi-Turk Leadership! Vestigial Caliphate?

In keeping with the current dysfunction of the lame-stream-media to cover relevant information as a priority, with only sparse media coverage and as if it wasn’t important enough to make a big deal over, Saudi Arabia announced a new Islamic coalition against extremism on December 17th; CNN reports (the CIA News Network of choice). Notably absent on the list of 34 Islamic run member countries formally entering into this coalition – which is eerily reminiscent of the western ‘coalition of the willing’ – were the two majority Shia nations of Iraq and Iran, the majority Shia Azerbaijan, and of course Syria led by the Shia/Alawite Bashar al-Assad (Syria is however 74% Sunni).

Syria, Iraq, and Iran, are heavily aligning politically, militarily, and economically, with the Russian Federation recently … hmmm … could there be a correlation here? Is NATO support for the Sunni ‘moderates’ (NEWSPEAK FOR RADICALS) a causation for this correlation? Is this new coalition a precursor to a larger Sunni vs Shia hot-war which is about to break out, with NATO and CSTO/SCO taking sides respectively? Is this why Saudi Arabia has already invaded the 50/50 Shia/Sunni boiling pot of Yemen after the Houthi Shia rebels expelled the Saleh and Hadi regime, the previous Saudi puppets?

The new coalition will be headquartered in Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia, and it seems as if Turkey is already moving into Iraq to prepare an operation to secure the Euphrates corridor (see below RT clip). This move by Turkey is preemptive, anticipating a Russian move to dig into Iraq also, as it already has in Syria. It would seem that the old Ottoman Turk vs Arab rivalry can be settled quite easily, well, when such large natural gas sales and transit revenues are involved, a century of resentment between frenemies dissolve as quick as a AAA-rated security stamped in London.

It would seem that the majority Sunni countries run by NATO aligned princeling puppets, and despots like Erdoğan, would like to ‘attack the radicals’ who are only Sunnis sourced from their own Sunni countries and the west, by fighting these radicals on the sovereign territory of the Shia countries forming a pipeline block from the Mediterranean to the Zagros with Russian support. Oh, what a coincidence that ISIS Sunnis are such a problem for Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and that these two leading Sunni countries and their friends can now use ISIS as a pretext to invade the lands of their Shia enemies – just as Turkey is now doing in Iraq – removing this pipeline block by at last ousting Assad.

Russia called NATO’s bluff, committing ground troops and air support to uphold Assad, and now NATO and friends are being exposed as liars, murderers, and the driving force behind terrorist proxy warriors. Another clear aim of this present and coming incursion, is to finally balkanize Iraq, as if that country hasn’t suffered enough because of the illusive ‘weapons of mass destruction’ that the previously aligned ‘coalition of the willing’ were so concerned that Saddam was hiding under his mattress (READ: PetroDollar enemy). Apparently, if you can’t find a reason to invade your geopolitical enemies, either make one up, or engineer one using proxy nut cases with low IQ’s. The Saudis and Turks have studied NATO Operation Gladio and say: “well why can’t we?”… more blood$hed …

“(CNN) – Calling Islamic extremism a disease, Saudi Arabia has announced the formation of a coalition of 34 largely Muslim nations [led by Sunnis; Shia block exempted] to fight terrorism. “This announcement comes from the Islamic world’s vigilance in fighting this disease [extremism] so it can be a partner, as a group of countries, in the fight against this disease,” Saudi Deputy Crown Prince and Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman said.”

This ‘disease’ the Saudi Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman is actually trying to fight, is Iranian and Russian support for Shia power-blocks in Iraq and Syria, which are blocking his natural gas pipelines. Qatar, Kuwait, U.A.E., and ironically Israel, all need this blockage removed in order to sell their natural gas profitably into the European Energy Market, bypassing very costly LNG and shipment processes. The Arab natural gas will also be able to bypass Suez Canal transit, and horn of Africa piracy, if it no longer has to be liquefied and shipped.


Under this arrangement, Turkey will control all of the main natural gas transit rights, and will enthrone itself as the vital commercial pivot between Europe and the Middle East. There is no other route that these Nabucco pipeline expansions can take. Putin and Gazprom execs know all too well, that allowing such natural gas competition would kill the Russian Federation’s main economic dynamo, which is rebuilding Russia with almost unchallenged access to the European Energy Market.

By supporting Russia, Syria and Iraq, Iran would probably be happy to simply prevent the enrichment of its Sunni petro-gas giants to the south in pure spite, not to mention that Iran can also feed its gas through Iraq onto the Syrian coast, selling LNG into the EU market by ship, bypassing the Suez canal of the majority Sunni Egypt, and avoiding horn of Africa piracy. Alternatively Iran could do a deal with Russia to supply their gas through the Gazprom network to the north, bypassing majority Sunni Turkey all together, but this would require Azerbaijan to throw its support finally behind the other Shia power players, rather than pandering to the NATO block.

“There’s been the idea that ISIS is a bigger challenge for Iran and its allies than it is for the Arab states, even though this feeling is changing now,” said Fawaz Gerges, a professor of Middle Eastern Studies at the London School of Economics. “ISIS has threatened not only Iran and the (Shia)-dominated regimes in Iraq and Syria but even the Sunni-dominated Arab states.”
– [Quoted in above referenced CNN article]

Yes, ISIS has been *threatening to destroy the Kaaba* in Mecca, calling it idol worship, and Saudi Arabia have been acting as if ISIS is their enemy. It is all an act. Saudi Arabia and Turkey helped to create ISIS, which is just a cover story for a Sunni invasion of Shia controlled territory. A large false-flag event like the September 11th 2001 attacks is necessary, to allow this new coalition and NATO to overrun Syria and Iraq with heavy ground troops. Like I have been saying for over a year now, the next BIG false-flag attack will be the *Mecca Clock Tower*, which was built to loom over the Kaaba by the Saudi Binladen Group construction company, and which will be blamed on ISIS. This event will create the political and media cover necessary for this Sunni coalition to invade Iraq and Syria with NATO support, drawing Russia and Iran into a massive regional war. The players are aligning as per the graphic at the beginning of this post, and Israel will be pulled into this conflict also. This will surely catalyze the Biblical Armageddon.

The guy in the second half of the above video clip totally nails the strategy being played out in Syria, its larger connection to the engineered refugee crises, and attacks such as the recent Paris terror attack. However, don’t expect Russia Today to mention the Natural Gas Pipeline corridor the Syrian war is being fought over, because otherwise Russia would be admitting that it isn’t altruism in ‘helping a sovereign Syria fight a great terror’. No, you will never hear RT cover much news at all that involves potential natural gas pipeline infrastructure in this region, because connections between Russian foreign policy and Gazprom might stink as badly to the general public, as the clear NATO support for western fossil fuel companies in its own Middle East foreign policy excursions. This is not a matter of who is worse – though it doesn’t get much worse than a NATO + Wahhabist alliance – this is a matter of INEVITABILTY! … I’m just pointing out the truth, and the truth is the following …