Thoughts On Mecca September 11th 2015 Crane Tragedy: The BIG One Comes!

I have been asked by a few commenters to give my thoughts on the tragic September 11th 2015 Mecca crane disaster, where a very large and heavy construction crane smashed into the Masjid al-Haram killing at least 107 pilgrims. Firstly, let me give my condolences to the families of the victims, and I sincerely lament this event, just as I will lament the Clock Tower attack when it occurs – which it will – as it will kill hundreds of thousands of pilgrims. I believe it may be planned for September 23rd 2015, which is the Islamic Eid al-Adha at the end of Hajj, and also just happens to be the Jewish Yom Kippur, which is the day that a regular Biblical Jubilee has to be declared. My first thought on this crane event however, was that this event was ritual in nature, for no other reason than it occurred on Sept 11th, and in the same location as I was expecting to see the next major New World Order false-flag terror attack. If it had happened on any other day of the year, I would consider it to be simply a horrible accident, but it was not any insignificant day, it was September 11th! The more I read about the tragedy, and the more video I watched of the weather phenomena that caused the event, the more I realized we may have just witnessed a bone fide prodigy from God, sent in order to warn both the world and the NWO elite.

Was this event a prodigy indicating that the 2015 Hajj is to be the target of the planned NWO Clock Tower and Kaaba Attack? Is the planned day for the suggested attack September 23rd 2015, which is Eid al-Adha, and also Yom Kippur?

WARNING: Graphic Video!

Pay Attention To Weird Omens!

PAY ATTENTION TO WEIRD OMENS! This is probably the best tonic against normalcy bias, which unfortunately has infected the vast majority of people, seemingly diminishing their situational awareness. The crane fell towards the important Zam Zam well and Kaaba, and symbolically broke the Sa’ee walkway between the two hills Safa and Marwah as shown above. This could be quite symbolic for the Islamic faith, as this section of the Masjid al-Haram basically epitomized the search for God, and thus the story of the redemption of Ishmael and his mother Hajar. This could have been an entirely natural event (which I actually favor), or it could have been deliberately setup to happen, there is no way of knowing for sure. However, the date of September 11th 2015, is extremely ominous.

Ask yourself if this event was in fact deliberate, then why is this date important, and why would the breaking of the Sa’ee walkway between the two ritual hills of al-Marwah and al-Safa, by a Saudi Binladen Group construction crane be ritually important? Note that if the Clock Tower which was built by the same Saudi Binladen Group was to fall forward onto the Kaaba and Mosque, it needs to fall directly between the gap left between Marwah Tower on the western flank, and Safa Tower on the eastern flank!

Is this just a coincidence?

I think not – Please pay attention!

I discuss this event in more depth within this post.


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7/7/2015: Mecca Clock Tower False-Flag Attack and NATO Pipedreams

ABOVE: The 3minute abridged version of a 17minute (3.3MB .GIF) presentation available below.

Could it be, that the anticipated NWO Mecca Clock Tower attack using ISIS as a Hegelian scapegoat (false-flag in the sense that they are Saudi-NATO funded proxy patsies, most of them unknowingly), will be performed at sunset in Mecca on July 7th 2015? The predictive programming, and occult use of the number 77, and/or ‘two-sevens‘ by the occult network at the apex of the western NWO, have been heavily explored on this blog thus far (especially in this PAST POST). As explained previously, the 7-tower World Trade Center in New York City was the first ‘7‘, but the second ‘7‘ to seal the worldwide ‘77‘ ritual, is anticipated as being the 7-tower Abraj Al-Bait, which central feature is the worlds biggest clock tower. This was planned decades ago, before the Twin Towers in NYC were even built specifically to be knocked down on the planned Sept 11th 2001 Hollywood style false-flag terror attack. Importantly, the highly important London 2012 Olympics rituals we have been discussing on this blog, clearly predictively programmed this 2015 attack on Mecca. The main reasons are shown above in the abridged presentation, but a much more thorough 17-minute presentation is available in the full post below, covering the occult significance of the double-7’s being used, and much more.

A full explanation of five key aspects is discussed in this post. If the Clock Tower is actually attacked on 7/7 making this prediction correct, then prepare for the literal Armageddon, because this is what it will indicate, regardless of what Europhile and Anglophile talking heads will proclaim. It’s all to achieve a Fascist New World Order, and the #1 target is Russia – as explained in the seventeen minute full animation below.

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