3/3/2015: Haman’s Curse And The Destruction Of The Mecca Clock Tower

Four Warnings---Christians-Jews-Muslims-Babylonian NWO--Feast of Esther Purim Mecca Clock Tower Terror Attack--Half SizeABOVE: A universal warning to all parties involved! (high res image here)

It was long ago decreed, that an ominous date in the future would signify a coming conflict between Jews, and their enemies; 13th Adar, a curse made by the character known as Haman in the Bible. 13th Adar 5775 (the current Jewish year), falls at Sunset 3rd March 2015. This date is connected to the observance of the Fast of Esther, held the next day, and the festival of Purim, held for either one or two days following the Fast of Esther. Although this curse originally related to the era of Persian dominance in the middle-east, which ended with the invasion of Alexander the Great, it seems that this curse has returned, and that this time around it has a much deeper meaning, with diverse actors playing many different roles. This curse looks set to go into action at Sunset 3/3/2015, and the catalyst will be the 7-Towers of the Abraj al-Bait (Mecca Clock Tower), which I have predicted many times as the sister event to 11th September 2001. I have been obsessed with this Clock Tower for one reason; I was convinced of this intuitively. I have come to see intuition as the most valuable human feature, and it would seem that a date I originally thought was just too obvious for the ‘elite’ to perform this ritual, might just in fact be the one planned all along; and it is bold to say the least!

This post contains the esoteric, political, and religious reasons why this event has been decreed by an ‘elite’ sect of money changers, who desire world domination, and who are practicing a form of dark occultism. Make sure you read it in full!

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666: Her Name Was . . . Removed

666 CARBON 6 PROTONS 6 NEUTRONS 6 ELECTRONS--What is your carbon footprint---What was her name

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