On Notice: Qatar Given 10 Days To Comply With Newly Re-Arranged NATO-GCC-Egypt Sunni Axis To Hold Back ‘Kings Of The East’

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ABOVE: December 2015 announcement of Saudi led coalition, which initially included Qatar and Turkey, before NATO attempted a failed Erdogan coup in Turkey, and before Russia and Syria had soundly defeated the final substantial insurgency of NATO sponsored ISIS and al-Qaeda (‘rebels’) in Syria. Initial December 2015 member list below:

… the foxes to rule the hen house …

Can you say “NATO sponsored Caliphate”?

Qatar, kicked out of the club. Turkey next?

Even Pakistan has come out in support of Qatar!

In December 2015, a 34 country strong ‘Coalition Against Extremism’ was formed by the majority of Islamic countries, representing 800 million Muslims (50% of the world Muslim population of 1.6 billion). Excluded were the Shia led countries of Iran, Iraq, and Syria. This coalition is simply a sectarian proto-Caliphate, not a movement for peace. It is about as unstable as water, being more of a wish list of nations which NATO would like to see aligned with the Brussels and Washington Consensus. The word *Islamic* has, as usual, been omitted from the organizational name, because this post-9/11 movement fuelled mostly by engineered false-flag Islamic terror events, is designed to usher in a neo-feudal worldwide police-state using martial law — been to Paris lately? In the ‘City of Love’, the permanent military on the streets are there for your ‘protection’, not to solidify the rule of an oligarchy which is about to plunge the world into one big technocratic concentration camp after the next engineered political and financial crisis. We’re just awaiting the next 9/11 catalyst event, which I believe will be the destruction of the Kaaba, Grand Mosque, and Royal Clock Tower Hotel complex in Mecca.

This event might be blamed on ISIS as a pretext to annex Qatar, or could even be blamed directly on Iran, perhaps using a fake Shia Houthi rebel cut-out group. I don’t believe that blaming it on Hezbollah would wash somehow, though the reason for such an event would be to catalyze the creation of a militarily empowered NATO+MENA (GCC+North Africa) geo-political entity. With the creation of this entity will come the implementation of national police-states and widespread information censorship; specifically on the internet. These police-states will be primarily vectored towards anti-government ‘extremists’ (dissidents), who attempt to fight back against the financial and political powers-that-be. Whether resistance manifests as peaceful protest, or violence, dissidents will be suppressed with force. No suicide vest required, just the wrong political opinion. The freedom to dissent politically — built on the foundation stone of free speech — is paramount to fighting the totalitarian trilogy of Technocracy, Communism, and Fascism. These historical freedoms we have enjoyed for only a short period in the western world are the real target for scheming oligarchs; the kind of people who made a killing during the recent — and future — banker and corporate bailouts during the Global Financial Crises.

These same oligarchs created the push for world government enforced Carbon Credits and Carbon Derivatives markets, to trap the third world in pre-industrial squalor, and to simultaneously take down the middle-class competition of these oligarchs in the west. Competition is a sin! Mandated carbon market technocracy will be the core control grid, because it will place all fossil fuel exploitation into the hands of a singular technocratic entity which will then top-down manage the globe, paradoxically fed by bottom-up anti-Christian left-wing choristers who eat up propaganda for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This scheme has fooled hoards of low-IQ gullible leftists, simply by posing as a social justice cause — a magnificent coup for crony monopoly capitalists who themselves have received 95%+ of government socialism (poor relief for the super wealthy). Both Stalin and Hitler would be highly impressed. Trump and his Goldman Sachs driven Cabinet is not to be trusted in this respect: Did I hear Trump say he wished to *renegotiate* the Paris Agreement, to club China? Is he saying that a huge scientific fraud is fine as long as China is part of the concentration camp? Trump has severely betrayed his election rhetoric, in which he called out the scientific fraud repeatedly.

World Government requires Technocracy, in which representative government will become an endless side-show of political theatre. The tsunami of political and public-space actors endlessly tilting at windmills such as the carbon-dioxide Armageddon, will continue to increase.

Key to the success of this never ending theatre of parrots and shills will be the emerging and engineered trend of left-wing bottom-up agitprop campaigning, such as ‘gender identity’ and ‘hate speech’ crusades led by SJW captains utilizing their fame and social media penetration ability to feed their hoards of brainwashed cult followers (case in point, J. K. Rowling). George Soros and friends have a bottomless pit of ill-gotten gains to pour into these left-wing brown-shirt groups, and the beauty about funding these groups, is that you don’t even have to fund their matched right-wing reactionary groups, due to the fact that they organically pop up in reaction to the rise of SJW armies. However, don’t believe that Soros and friends aren’t also investing in certain reactionary right-wing groups, because the aim is to create unrest on the streets — Period! — whilst Soros and friends complete their financial coup over what remains of middle-class wealth and the free-market. Social media oligopolies will continue to censor ‘the right’, whilst promoting ‘the left’, to purposely divide these groups until violence breaks out on the streets. With such political theatre chewing up all of your mental energy, said puppet politicians can keep macro-economic and geo-political policy — which is actually important — behind closed doors in the proverbial smoky room, away from public scrutiny.

Ask a former citizen of the Soviet Union: To form a larger multi-cultural political entity, run by technocrats, pre-existing group identities need to be destroyed, whilst the initial friction between the different cultures is useful to excuse the formation of a police-state. The European Union is the prime example of this same globalist mentality, which the Anglo-sphere countries are being pulled into whilst their industry is targeted for destruction, purposefully. Meanwhile, Kings of the East are grinning from ear-to-ear at their good fortune.

The recent Muslim migrant crisis and Islamic terror attack onslaught is just the catalyst — an Orwellian Casus belli — required for governments everywhere, but mostly NATO aligned countries at the moment, to wage asymmetric warfare against their own citizens. All of the pro-migrant virtue-signalling warm-and-fuzzy multi-millionaire celebrities and politicians reside in gated communities, with security details, separation walls, and fraternal connections to separate them from the average person now finding themselves on the frontline of a domestic crisis posing as a multi-cultural experiment. Fittingly, in true Orwellian fashion, this new ‘coalition against extremism’ inaugurated with Trump’s support, is headquartered in Wahhabi dominated Riyadh. It was built with a ‘Situation Room’, which should in reality have been called the ‘Engineered Situation Room’. You might have seen this room in the mainstream mockingbird media, which looks more like a world government convention centre. It even has its own spooky illuminated globe of the world for dictators and puppet leaders to place their hands onto. It looks like something out of a super-villain’s headquarters from a James Bond movie. See below during the May 21st 2017 Inauguration Event; opened by placing hands on a globe of the world, symbolic of World Domination!

The day after this symbolic inauguration, a false-flag ritual sacrifice was performed at an Ariana Grande concert, in Manchester, quickly blamed on duped low-IQ cult patsies known and monitored for ages by British Intelligence, with heavily engineered ties to Libyan rebels . The Libyan civil war is a chaotic situation designed by NATO to play out exactly as it has, with three groups fighting each other to destroy the solid national identity that Gaddafi had constructed. The North African refugee crisis was also a desired outcome, to justify NATO occupation of Libya. Now that the Iraq/Syria-Turkey pipeline route has been blocked by Russia, Iran, and China, the country that will soon be reorganized politically into a NATO protectorate after its softening up and destruction, will be Libya. Thus, the *PLAN-B Southern Pipeline Route* through Arabia and Egypt discussed below — to be piped under the more shallow sea between Sicily and Libya into the EU — comes into play. Just as the *PLAN-A Syria/Iraq-Turkey* natural gas pipeline project would have achieved, NATO can kill European dependence on Gazprom, subsequently crippling the medium-term rebirth of the Russian economy.

The missing link in NATO Plan-B, was Egypt, which has now fallen quickly into line now that Turkey has clearly flipped sides. This is why the President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, was one of three ‘kings’ with his hands on the illuminated globe. However, Qatar has now also flipped, which will require Saudi annexation of Qatar and its super-massive North Dome offshore natural gas field — which has enough gas to supply the EU for over 150 years. Qatar was issued with a 10 day ultimatum by other members of the GCC, which time is up on 3rd or 4th of July. What will happen? Will Turkey, Iran, and/or Russia and China openly defend Qatar’s sovereignty, or will Saudi Arabia and perhaps the UAE move to annex this key player?

My, my, how alliances change quickly in the middle-east!

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June 7th 2017: 2nd Ariana Grande Concert NWO Terror Attack Phoenix Ritual In Paris? 44th City/Venue Of Dangerous Woman Tour!

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TAKE NOTE: The Thelemic/Satanic ritual of rebirth
can be found in LIBER 44, a sacramental ritual of
Aliester Crowley known as the *Mass of the Phoenix*.

(I have written extensively about this in previous posts, especially regarding the London 2012 Olympics rituals).

I’m at it again. Due to the rescheduling of the 44th city for Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman Tour from London to the Paris event (because of the Manchester terror attack), further facts have come to my attention, solidifying my suspicions that all of these events have been highly planned and calculated in advance as part of a super sophisticated Hegelian dialectical process (Planetary Social Engineering). This post is an attempt at communicating various esoteric discoveries I have made regarding the occult semiotic communication of New World Order human sacrifice ritual, including the associated manipulation agendas that are woven into them. The problem with attempting to communicate such deep esoteric concepts, ideas, and symbolisms, is that I will always be found lacking, in which case I apologize to my readers in advance. The below is the best I could weave upon my loom of frustration, in the time I have been apportioned between research, discovery, and everyday life.

I believe that there is going to be a major terror attack in Paris at the Ariana Grande concert on June 7th 2017, and that it has been aligned on a geodesic map with the Manchester event, to cross over the battlefield of the 1066 AD Battle of Hastings in southern England, and then directly over the transept of Westminster Abbey in London/Westminster. There is a good reason for this, because Queen Elizabeth II is the 44th Monarch to reign since St Edward the Confessor. This post will attempt to explain this, seemingly, at first, bizarre theory. Following this attack, perhaps on June 23rd 2017 (the 1776th day since the 2012 London Summer Olympics Phoenix Closing Ceremony), I believe the crowning attack on the Mecca Clock Tower will be performed – which I have been talking about and anticipating now for almost three years. Please be patient and humour the below information, which I present with the best of intentions, I promise.

TAKE NOTE: The first City of the Tour was Phoenix.
The 44th performance after Phoenix occurred in Manchester,
England, and was concluded by a human sacrifice bombing.

TAKE NOTE: The 44th City on the planned
Dangerous Woman Tour was to have been London,
but has been esoterically replaced by Paris.

The concert venue in London was to have been the O2 Arena, which lies *EXACTLY* on the Greenwich Meridian (Zero degrees longitude) – an important relic of the British Maritime Empire from which all clocks and geodesy is synchronized from. Through this Manchester sacrifice ritual, the City of London (and thus Westminster), has been esoterically replaced by the city of Paris, which will be the new 44th city on the tour, and through which the only real historical competitor for the Greenwich Meridian runs. This alternative was/is known as the Paris Meridian, and is referred to as the Rose Line, which has extreme occult significance, being notably popularized by the Da Vinci Code novel of Dan Brown. This Imperial competitor died once and for all at the Battle of Waterloo, after which the English speaking world took over world leadership up until the present day. Tied up in this Imperial rivalry, importantly, was interplay between the concepts of ISLES and the CONTINENT: Oceanic versus Continental land powers (read Orwell’s 1984, or, Halford John Mackinder’s theory known as ‘The Geographical Pivot of History’).

The British Isles is the mother from which the United States and English speaking Commonwealth was born, including from whence the mother of all Central Banks (the BoE, at the very centre of the City of London), spread its finance and trade tentacles from. The peculiar story of the entire race of English speaking peoples, is the story of a small 20 mile wide stretch of sea known as the English Channel. Without this little gap in the dry Earth, the English language would not exist, and I would be typing in the French language right now. This is why the events of 1066 and the Norman conquest of Anglo-Saxon England by William, the Duke of Normandy, is so important to this Phoenix ritual involving Manchester, London, Paris, and, specifically Westminster Abbey and the site of the Battle of Hastings. The Duke of Normandy was a feudal lord answerable to the King of France (his Overlord), making the landing on the beaches of Hastings an esoteric repeat of the landing of Julius Caesar from 55 BC to 54 BC. The continental powers in both events were attempting to destroy the insular nature of the ‘Isles of Wonder’ (the official name for the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Summer Olympics).

Julius Caesar was stabbed to death for his Imperial ambitions on the Ides of March 44 BC, an event which ironically fuelled the demise of the Republican faction in the Roman Senate. This event, in turn led to the strengthening of the Imperial ambitions of a new Triumvirate, finally leading to the success of Caesar’s adoptive son and heir, Octavian (Augustus), who became the first Emperor of the Biblically Beast-like Roman Empire (the 4th Beast of the Prophet Daniel). Caesar gave his life — like a Phoenix in 44 BC — so that Augustus could, in a more youthful manner, complete the conversion of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire. As a mark of respect for Caesars sacrifice, Octavian ensured that Caesar’s and Cleopatra’s only biological son Caesarion was murdered. Two Emperors would be one-too-many, and the esoteric death of Julius would not have been complete without the death of his male line, substituted by an adopted son of NEW blood. Augustus was the very person who ordered the 2 BC registration which brought Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem, to pledge allegiance to Rome, and to recognize Augustus as “Pater Patriae”: “Father of the Fatherland”; presaging the removal of Sovereignty from all Kingdoms within the reach of Rome, foreshadowing the fall of Herodian Judea, and the Diaspora of the Jewish people.

Hopefully, now that I have laid down some geopolitical and historical context, some logic can be applied to the following Google Earth maps of a cord-line (Great Circle, aka, “as the crow flies”) drawn between the exact location of the May 2017 Manchester Arena bombing, and the AccorHotels Arena
in Paris where the 44th city venue of the
Dangerous Woman Tour is located.

TAKE NOTE: The line passes directly through London, but also right past the location of the 1066 Battle of Hastings, including over the beaches just west of Hastings where the Duke of Normandy’s large fleet of troop carriers made landfall.

TAKE NOTE: The 1996 Provisional IRA bombing described further down, which was the largest detonation of a bomb in the UK since WWII, and which showered debris as far away as the location of the Arena, is indicated by a yellow marker above. If we start at the Manchester Arena, you will see that I have placed four lines down for reasons of descriptive accuracy, as follows:

RED LINE: Runs from the East of the Manchester Arena complex, to the East of the Paris AccorHotels Arena Complex.

BLUE LINE: Runs from the West of the Manchester Arena complex, to the West of the Paris AccorHotels Arena Complex.

YELLOW LINE: Runs from the exact area of the bombing in the Manchester Arena arcade area, to the Paris Metro Station just north-east of the AccorHotels Arena in Paris. The metro station is a prime target for a terror attack before or after the concert. This line has the added peculiarity of passing directly over the July Column at the centre of Place de la Bastile, commemorating the fall of the Bourbon monarch Charles X of France in the 1830 Revolution, and the commencement of his replacement by the Orléanist monarch Louis Philippe I. I have labelled this the Bastile Lucifer Column for a good reason, because the golden Génie de la Liberté statue crowning the column, is literally in homage to Promethius, who brought the ‘sacred fire’ of the gods down from heaven, breaking free of his chains and shackles, implying a Gnostic demiurgic character to have been oppressing him (ie, the equivalent of the serpent from the Garden of Eden accusing God of being an oppressor who needs to be defied by man, who should in turn deify himself above God in spite of his creator).

GREEN LINE: Runs from the exact area of the bombing in the Manchester Arena arcade area, to the north-west façade of the AccorHotels Arena in Paris. This line just happens to be, ominously, 666,666 yards in distance, according to Google Earth. SIX-SIXES is a very ominous numerical signature indeed, especially since the YARD was the standard unit of distance of the Anglo-Saxon world until superseded by the Metric Metre, which, funnily enough, was devised in Paris as a competitor for British Imperial Units.

GREEN LINE = 666,666 Yards.

YARD: “The name derives from the Old English gerd, gyrd, &c., which was used for branches, staves, and measuring rods. It is first attested in the late-7th century laws of Ine of Wessex, where the “yard of land” mentioned is the yardland, an old English unit of tax assessment equal to  1⁄4 hide. Around the same time, the Lindisfarne Gospel’s account of the messengers from John the Baptist in the Book of Matthew used it for a branch swayed by the wind. In addition to the yardland, Old and Middle English both used their forms of “yard” to denote the surveying lengths of 15 or 16 1⁄2 ft used in computing acres, a distance now usually known as the “rod”.”
– Wikipedia Article: ‘Yard’, [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yard]

TAKE NOTE: Below you can see how the four coloured lines pass over the coast of Hastings, and also slightly west of the 1066 Battle of Hastings site. Secondarily, but importantly, an additional red line running east-west has been placed on the below map. This indicates the death site of Aleister Crowley at Netherwood, Hastings, on December 1st 1947, including the site of his cremation on December 5th 1947, at Woodvale Crematorium, Brighton. A Black Mass was performed during Crowley’s cremation service, and his ashes were collected the same day and travelled back across the line to Netherwood. Cremation involves the immolation of a dead body, and, in Crowley’s case (from self confession), a rebirth into the infernal realm; thus, an ultimate Mass of the Phoenix performed by the disciples of the very author of LIBER 44. The reason Aleister Crowley is so important to the ritual we are observing, is because of his further connection with these lines in London (see further down), and the fact that he is the one who penned LIBER 44, which is the Mass of the Phoenix used by satanic practitioners of Thelema.

TAKE NOTE: Below you can see that the four lines pass directly over the top of Westminster Abbey, which is the official location of the British Throne known as the Chair/Throne of St Edward the Confessor. This specific Cathedral (Collegiate Church) was founded by St Edward as an official location for royal coronations and burials. Today, it hosts the tombs of the vast majority of the 44 monarchs who have reigned since St Edward (who died in 1066), but especially since it hosts the tomb of Queen Elizabeth I, which we will discuss in more detail further down. The founder of the significantly Welsh blooded Tudor dynasty, Henry VII, is buried here, together with his Tudor grandchildren QEI, Mary I, and Edward VI. Henry VIII is buried at Windsor Castle together with another large qty of royal tombs, but not succeeded in qty and age as Westminster Abbey, which houses the very first of the 44, St Edward himself. Lady Jane Grey, who was the other remaining member of the Tudor dynasty to have reigned, was buried at the Tower of London where together with her husband Lord Dudley, she was beheaded on the order of Mary I, for high-treason (and for being a far more attractive 🙂 Protestant red-head, I believe).

James I of England, founder of the significantly Scottish blooded Stuart dynasty, and namesake of the important Protestant Bible translation, is also entombed here. William the Conqueror, however, is buried in Caen, Normandy, in France, which is ironic for the man most notable in history as the conqueror of England — he couldn’t occupy the land in death! A vast quantity of famous poets and public figures of British history are also buried here at this Royal Peculiar, which is officially under the direct control of the Monarch of England rather than a Church of England Bishop. As such it is administered by a Dean appointed directly by the Monarch, not by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Westminster Abbey is the most famous Royal Necropolis on Earth outside of the Egyptian Pyramid fields, or perhaps the Basilica of St Denis, in Paris, where some Merovingian’s and most Carolingian (etc…) Monarchs of France are entombed (all but three of the French monarchs from the 10th Century until 1789 are buried in the Basilica of St. Denis! Quite a dedicated tradition). Personally, I much prefer the architecture of Westminster Abbey, but alas, I am no Frenchman.

TAKE NOTE: Below you can see an additional map of the lines passing over Westminster Abbey, then directly over the thoroughfare which passes through St James’s Park next to the lake, which leads right up to the front entrance of Buckingham Palace, which is the official residence of the British Monarch. These lines then continue up over the prestigious area of Mayfair, but importantly they pass over 93 Jermyn Street, which is known to Thelemites (Crowleyan Satanists) as the WWII home of Aleister Crowley, where he worked on his world renowned Book of Thoth; which is an original set of artworks designed with Lady Frieda Harris as a Tarot card deck, but also a book of Magickal [sic] commentary, to explain the esoteric nature and power of each card of the 22 Major Arcana. The number 93 is extremely important in Thelema, which is why Crowley chose this particular house number as his London HQ. It is no coincidence that the third location involved in the 2001 World Trade Center false-flag terror attack, has now been memorialized with a massive monumental memorial grove known as the Flight 93 National Memorial, shaped in a .666 mile circumference crescent of deciduous trees that turn red in the autumn. This grove also just happens to be *exactly* 6,666 miles from Mt. Arafat, the holy mountain of Islam.

All three locations of the 2001 attacks incorporated Thelemic numerology, such as the two 111 storey (at the rooftop level) Twin Towers, hit by two planes with flight numbers 11 and 175 (11+175 = 186, which is an average of 93 for each of these two planes), Flight 93 which I have just mentioned, and Flight 77 which hit the Pentagon (apparently, or, whatever else hit the Pentagon though I am no expert … let’s just go with the official numerology in the narrative though). Whereas 44 is the number of the Horus Child and the Rite of the Phoenix in Thelema, 77 is the special number of the ‘sacred’ whore BABALON. The recently held *ONE LOVE MANCHESTER* benefit concert held on June 4th 2017 by Ariana Grande and Kabbalistic Crew for the victims of the original Terror Attack, was held on the 77th day of the Thelemic calendar, which begins at the average date of the Vernal Equinox each year (March 20th). The first attack in Manchester occurred 3 days before the London concert was to have taken place, and the benefit concert was held three days before the replacement (44th city) Paris concert is scheduled to occur, almost as if the schedules are supposed to be a parallel/mirror.

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