9/6/2015: Vestalia, Spirit of the Flame, Mecca Clock Tower, The Roman Phoenix

On June 9th every year, the Ancient Romans celebrated a dies religiosusholy day – for the goddess Vesta, the spirit of the flameof civic and domestic hearths and altars. Vesta’s sacred civic flame for the city of Rome, was fastidiously kept alight in its sacred round temple, by Rome’s only full-time clergy known as the Vestal Virgins. Vesta’s Greek counterpart was known as Hestia, and as the similarity in their names implies, their origins were ancient, stemming from their single Aryan heritage. It is this Aryan (Indo-Aryan) heritage that connects the concept of sacred and/or eternal flames, to a specific völkisch ideology that raised up its head in Nazi Germany, as a counterpoint to that perceived as ‘Semitic’, but was/is also prevalent across the Anglo-Saxon world. This ideology did not die with Adolf Hitler.

The modern resurrection of the Ancient Greek Olympic Games, including the cult of Apollo’s sacred fire which sits at the very center of this pagan ritual, is in fact linked strongly to ancestor worship (such as at Samhain, on the important date of Nov 1st). Apollo was the guardian of this flame in Greek theology, but Hestia (Roman Vesta), was the actual primal embodiment of the flame itself, and thus a primal civic mother figure, who represented in many ways the ancestral continuity of a household, kin-group, city, and national identity. At the heart of every home was the hearth – the similarity in words is no coincidence – and thus Vesta to the Romans, was the very heart of civic Rome itself. Her purity was thought of so highly, that her Vestal Virgins had to pledge 30 years chastity; a vow which if broken, would see them buried alive outside the Colline gate of the city as a punishment – a most gruesome scapegoat ritual for the superstitious if there ever was one. This particular gate was also where the Temple of Venus Erycina, the patron of common prostitutes was located. This contrast between virgin and prostitute is no coincidence, and has great conceptual bearing on this discussion of ancient and modern religion, and of sociology in general.

Since founding this blog in October last year, I have been forecasting a key false-flag terrorist attack against the 7-tower Mecca Clock Tower Hotel and complex (Abraj Al-Bait), and have previously suggested many dates. The reason for suggesting this particular date, is due to a specific public display, during the key occult ritual performed at the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games. These ceremonies have been explored moderately in past posts, but in this particular post, I will shed a much brighter light on some key symbolic concepts utilized, especially to the ‘sacred fire’. Another reason this date stands out, is due to a 5:55:55pm (V.V.V.V.V) ‘trigger’ configuration with the planet Mercury on the astrological descendant. Also, the minor-planet 4 Vesta is in the first degree of the zodiac (on the vernal point, aka, ‘Aries point’), which is significant in modern astrology, and thus followed by occult groups practicing astro-mysticism, such as in A∴A∴

As discussed before, the ruling oligarchy will use this sister event to the 2001 destruction of the 7-tower World Trade Center in New York City, to usher in a Fascist New World Order, which is simply a rebirth of the Roman Empire; prophesied in the Holy Bible. Join me in a thorough exposition of a wide range of pivotal concepts concerning the ancient past, and the near future.

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8/5/2015: White Lotus Day and the Mecca Clock of 1000 Point’s of Light?

White Lotus Day, May 8th 2015, celebrates the death in 1891 of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the mother of modern occultism, founder of the Theosophical Society and it’s many offshoots, and the editor in chief of the Victorian era periodical ‘Lucifer’ (first published 1888). Most people do not know who she was, or the seriousness of her influence on what has become known as the ‘western esoteric tradition’. The main reason she is highly important for people monitoring the New World Order, is because the ultimate plan behind the United Nations, requires the synthesis of the Western Esoteric Tradition, primarily with Buddhism, and secondarily with Hinduism!

This last agenda point, is pivotal in order that fascistic cores within the hierarchy of ALL nations, can birth a truly new, and outwardly east-west united ‘stem religion’. The missing link between uniting the western and eastern worlds into a one world order, is a pseudo-environmentalism, which ultimately seeks to create a religious stem current, which the myriad of existing cults (such as the A∴A∴ and O.T.O), in the east and west, can be dovetailed onto. Even the secular world is being rallied towards a ‘Mother Earth’ worship cult, which will place the value of human life below that of animals, plants, and even insects . . . which is why Buddhism is so valuable as a manipulative asset to reassert serfdom.

THE AIM: A neo-feudalism, which de-industrializes the western world first, then the eastern world (after using the east as a ‘free-trade’ weapon to achieve the former), and then inducts the new world of universal serfdom into a technocratic gnostic dystopia, whilst selective ‘elites’ elevate themselves as an Übermensch, a ‘breakaway race’ (or new ‘root race’ as Blavatsky called it), finally eliminating the larger mass of humanity; the untermensch. The fascist ideology behind Nazism, was birthed from this same technocratic and elitist tendency, which began in earnest through the esoteric popularizations of Helena Blavatsky and her Theosophist offshoots, which entered into more nefarious cults such as A∴A∴

What could this have to do with the coming NWO Mecca Clock Tower false-flag attack? The simple explanation, is the link with the star Sirius, which as explained previously, esoterically lies at the center of the architecture of the 7-tower World Trade Center, represented by the Sphere, and is also esoterically encoded in the fabric of the 7-tower Mecca Clock Tower complex. And why is Sirius so important to occult groups and currents that emerged mainly from London in the 1800’s? Sirius is the Masonic star par-excellence, referred to as the ‘Blazing Star’, and it represents sidereal TIME, and the unification of the astrospatial and geospatial spheres.

It is using this core concept that S.L.M.Mathers, Aleister Crowley, Alice A. Bailey, and others, built upon the occult explosion of comparative religion started by Blavatsky. Notably, one of the main Arabic names of Sirius was Barakish’, meaning ‘of a thousand colours’, and of course, Arabic is the source of almost all well known star names. It is of interest then, that the seventh and highest primary chakra from the eastern traditions adopted by Theosophy – the Crown Chakra – which is known as the Sahasrara, is described as a 1000 Petal White Lotus, from where the ‘spiritual light’ emanates. This is where the following mantra of US President George Herbert Walker Bush was truly derived from;

‘A Thousand Point’s Of Light!’

This post will continue to explore the cults behind the coming NWO Mecca Clock Tower false-flag terror attack

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