MH17 Falling Star: ‘Flood’ Announced Using Sirius Symbolism

MH17-Malaysia Airlines-Isis-Sirius-Falling Star-Apollyon-Horus-Aleister CrowleyABOVE: Basic summary of the Sirius and Isis symbolism deliberately invoked in this engineered tragedy; a ritual human sacrifice of 298 people aboard MH17 for geo-political gain.

FACT: 298 people – including 80 children – were sacrificed on 17th July 2014 over eastern Ukraine on the instigation of a cabal within NATO, a cabal led as usual by Anglo-American king pin’s. It seems undeniable that the State of Israel also had it’s hands all over this ritual through it’s aviation industry penetration via ICTS at Schiphol Airport – just as was the case at Boston Logan International Airport on 11th September 2001. ICTS is an Israeli spook aviation security company, which seems to have its paws all over many recent high profile terrorist events involving commercial passenger jets, and also this MH17 tragedy aimed as a political weapon directly at Vladimir Putin (and thus Gazprom etc…). ICTS also seems to be connected to Mossad; the Israeli secret service. The author would highly recomend the last two hyperlinks to the work of journalist Christopher Bollyn regarding ICTS, MH17, and 11th Sept 2001.

The recent video summary report and open source investigation by James Corbett of, is also highly recomended to anyone who is new to the idea that ‘Russian rebels’ did not shoot down this jet. This is evidently a false-flag terrorist attack by the new Ukrainian administration (junta) that un-democratically forced itself into power on 22nd February 2014 with EU and NATO support. Yanukovych was no angel, but he was democratically elected, and the violent protests that broke out in the streets were instigated and sustained by western interests and NATO black-ops assets, such as those used in Operation Gladio and various other ‘NATO stay-behind’ terrorist activities across Europe. NATO is in fact the most advanced terrorist organization on Earth; a tree is governed by it’s fruit, and this tree is rotten all the way to the trunk. If these actions by NATO are sustained, the world is looking down the barrel of another World War. Anyone outraged at the suggestion that NATO are not princes of peace, or that these 298 murders were deliberate foreign policy directives of Washington, London, Brussel’s and Kiev, need to wake up out of the dream world they are living in – please return to the real world where dollar$, banking centres, finance cabals, and foreign affairs think-tanks call the shots from behind closed doors.

This post is solely dedicated to the esoteric aspects of this ritual, and also the memory of the dead who deserve justice against the real perpertrators of these premeditated mass murders.

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